From TALES They Fired Your Nannybot For Telling You

by A. R. Gregory


My Feminine Ideal

What a babe! Just look at her. Toned, killer bod, knockout knockers, and she was hitting on me as hard as I was on her! Sitting there at the bar, we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. I mean, what a match! No one else in the place, in the whole, wide world, would do for either of us.
     I spotted a couple at a corner table pulling up stakes — he’d just paid the check, she was touching up her lipstick — so I grabbed her, then we grabbed their table as soon as they scooted. The place was packed, everybody busy chatting and hooking up. What the hell! I thought. Who would notice? I slid a hand under her skirt, then up her smooth inner thigh till my fingertips grazed her satin panties, her pink satin panties! They had to be pink, I figured. I could feel their pinkness, smell it even, as pink as the simmering prize lurking beneath them. As I said, who would notice? So I started tugging them down her hips. I figured I’d unzip myself and shift her onto my lap right then and there. I trembled whole body just thinking about it.
     Then she clenched my wrist, eased her lips to my ear, whispered, “Hold that thought, big boy. Let’s split this crowded hole, go somewhere — cozy.”
     “Great minds think alike, babe” — I didn’t even know her name yet. “My wheels are right out front.”
     Her eyes twinkled as she skipped her tongue over her pearly white teeth, then wet her ripe red lips with its supple tip. “My van’s just down the block. It’s comfy too, like room-for-anything comfy.”
     Next thing I knew we were barging through the crowd, hustling out the door. We stumbled down the block, groping each other all the way. I mean, our hands were everywhere. When we got to her van, she yanked the rear door open. “Hop in, big boy.”
     “Lady’s first,” I insisted, sweeping my hand with an exaggerated flourish. A real gentleman, right. I figured, why miss a chance to ogle her fine derriere wriggling into that van? Then I grinned and slapped her ass.
     “Ooh, an alpha male!” she squealed and rocked her hips. But when she peered into the van, she shivered and hugged herself, then whined like a little girl, “It’s so dark in there. You go first, okay?”
     I expanded my chest. “Sure, babe, I’ll protect you from the boogeyman.” Then like the drunken fool I was, I climbed in. Wow, she was right about it being comfy! The floor felt upholstered like a cushy mattress. I savored its plush softness with my palms and knees, imagining what I’d soon be doing on it, doing with her on it, doing to her. But when I spun to tug her in with me, before I could even extend my hand, she smiled and reached for the door. “Make yourself comfortable now,” she said and slammed it shut!
     “What the...” I groped for the handle, but there wasn’t one inside. No windows, either. I fumbled about in the darkness, but all I could feel was the padded floor and the cool, seamless metal of the walls, door, ceiling.
     “Don’t be afraid,” I heard her say next. But her voice sounded weirdly cold and professional now as it blared from what must have been speakers somewhere in the walls. “We are still going to mate,” she added, “but under controlled conditions....”


Copyright 2020 A. R. Gregory